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Pirate Giraffe Card
    Pirate Giraffe Card
    • Pirate Giraffe Card

      AA-23 Snowflake / AA-70-HK Coin / AA-73-HK Coffee Bean / AAA-04 Dots  B-86-HK Beads / C-32 Grass / D-148-HK Bandana / E-257-HK Tool Belt / G-24 Crate / S-62 Lg. Giraffe Critter

      *Note* This is what happens when you make cards at night! I had every intention of dressing the giraffe in the cowboy clothes....and then I wondered what he would look like with the bandana on his head. Sort of piratey! Then what to use for an eye patch...the Stick solid balloon was too round but the Stick coffee bean worked great! Creating the treasure was fun, only wish we had a tiny crown in a Stubby (maybe a new idea???). Only  he needed something more. I couldn't think of anything that I could turn into a sword, so that was out. I decided to cut the center part of the toolbelt out to create a belt for him. Hopefully this helps you to look at the clothes and see what else you can do with them!
      Dimensions: 4.8 x 7.2

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