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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the copy paper that Heather and Judith stamp on?
A: HP 22lb 96 Bright All In One Paper, available at Sam's Club. This paper works very well with the Tombow Watercolor Markers. If Heather or Judith has a stamped image on this paper they wish to make into a card they simply glue, using a Scotch Permanent Glue Stick, the HP Paper to cardstock.

Q: Are Stamps by Judith & Heather's stamps available at any stores?
A: Several stores around the US currently carry Stamps by Judith & Heather. Check with your local stamp store to see if they carry our line.

Q: What is Stamps by Judith & Heather's Angel Policy? Do we allow our stamps to be used on craft projects for resale?
A: Copyright Policy/Angel Policy: All of our stamp designs and images are original artwork and copyrighted by Stamps by Judith & Heather. Stamps by Judith & Heather stamps are for personal and non-commerical use only. We do allow our creative stampers to use the Stamps by Judith & Heather images to produce creations for personal use and for creating items to sell in limited quantities. Using Stamps by Judith & Heather images on items for resale are subject to the following terms:
  • No mechanical reproductions are permitted. All items created must be made by hand. Stamps by Judith & Heather copyright should be displayed when possible.
  • Hand created cards or projects are limited to a quantity range of 25 and must be local in nature. The creation of items may not be intended for the purpose of an ongoing business. (If amounts are higher Stamps by Judith & Heather should be contacted for permission).
  • If your samples or work are published, Stamps by Judith must be acknowledged in the publication.
To use Stamps by Judith for the purpose of selling, please e-mail us or send us a letter acknowledging the above terms, and include the following information:
  • A list of the stamp images that you plan to use. (Please forward any updated lists of images used to Stamps by Judith as needed.

  • The quantities that you anticipate producing.

  • An acknowledgement that you agree to the above terms and you agree to respect Stamps by Judith & Heather copyrights.

Q: Do we have a catalog and how do I receive one?

A: Yes, we do have a catalogs, Color Idea Catalog #11 and supplemental Catalog #12.  Catalog #11 is 144 pages in full color and is $10.00.  Catalog #12 is 40 pages in full color and is $5.00. 

Q: What are our shipping rates?

A: Domestic rates: $1-$25.00 is $6.00,  $25.01-50.00 is $7.00,  $50.01-$75.00 is $8.00, $75.01-100.00 is $9.00 Over $100 is FREE Shipping!

Canada$1-$20 Add $15.00,  $20.01-$50 Add $20,  $50.01‐$90 Add $27,  $90.01+ Add $35

Other International: $1-$30 Add $20.00,  $30.01-$80 Add $30,  $80.01‐$120 Add $40,  $120.01+ Add $50

***Please note***  In some cases, we reserve the right to adjust shipping rates on some international orders.  Based on weight, the expense to ship may be unusually high.  We will not process any additional costs without contacting the customer for prior approval. Rates may be adjusted based on current USPS rates.