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Graduation Lion Card
    Graduation Lion Card
    • Graduation Lion Card

      AAA-150 Grad Cap / AAA-151 Diploma / C-118-HK Diploma / D-113 Senior Moment / E-172-HK Grad Cap / O-108 Lg. Lion Critter 

      Steps to make the lion's graduation gown. 1. Stamp the lion. 2. Color the lion's head, main, & feet.  3. Cut out the coat pattern and color. (See above) 4. Cut out sleeve patterns and color. (See above)  5. Stamp the lion again, color & cut out arms. 6. Color the lion's belly area & legs. 7. Cut out belly to fit the open area of the coat. (See suggested belly shape above) 8. Glue belly shape to the coat.  9. Stamp, color, & cut out the cap & diploma. 10. Glue diploma to coat & hat to head. 11. Glue sleeves on the cut out arms. 12. Glue sleeves with arms to belly. 13. Glue coat to the very first stamped lion. 14. Add outline lines to the coat & sleeves.
      Dimensions: 4.6 x 7

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