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T-60-HK Stone Arch
T-60-HK Stone Arch
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June Stamps of the Month!!!

Have ark load and jungles of fun playing with wild animals. Check out the selection of animals and more on sale for 25% for the month of June.

Stamps Used: H-47, H-46, H-45, F-328, F-277-HK, F-65, E-214-HK, E-231-HK, AAA-238-HK, AAA-198, & AAA-04
Stamps Used: I-160-HK, H-217-HK, H-215-HK, H-214-HK, F-268-HK, F-265-HK, F-264-HK, E-214-HK, E-213-HK, C-109, C-32, & AAA-04
Stamp of the Month
AAA-198-HK Turtle
C-109 It's A Jungle
E-213-HK Whimsical Flamingo
E-214-HK Whimsical Alligator
F-264-HK Whimsical Zebra
F-265-HK Whimsical Lion
F-268-HK Camel
F-277-HK Monkey
F-328 Big Leaf
F-65 Wild About You
H-214-HK Whimsical Giraffe
H-215-HK Whimsical Elephant
H-217-HK Hippo
H-44 Elephant w/ Mouse
H-45 Med. Giraffe
H-46 Med. Lion
H-47 Med. Zebra
H-48 Med. Facing Elephant
I-160 Whimsical Ark
O-29 Wild Animal Border

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AAA-198-HK Turtle $3.00 $2.25
B-12 Hello $3.00 $3.00
B-74 Little Mouse $3.00 $3.00
C-109 It's A Jungle $5.25 $3.94
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