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T-60-HK Stone Arch
T-60-HK Stone Arch
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Spring Flower Sale!!!

Time to pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers! A selection of flowers are on sale for 25% for the month of April! You have plenty of time to pick flowers to make a card for all of your Mother's Day needs!

*Sale prices are available on the website only * 2 per design per customer*

Also, for a limited time, for any purchases over $50.00 (not including shipping) you will receive a free set of ADULT COLOR PAGES! You must add a comment to your order to receive the pages. Do not add them to your shopping cart.

Stamps Used: H-195, H-194, H-193, H-30, F-308, C-32, & AAA-04
Stamps Used: I-186, I-122, H-246, H-25, D-46, C-32, & AAA-04
Stamp of the Month
F-250 Sm. Delicate Line Rose
H-193 Fine Tulip
H-194 Fine Aster
H-195 Fine Poppy
H-221 Wildflowers
H-222 Iris Bunch
H-229 Delicate Flower Cluster
H-246 Daffodil
H-25 Jar
H-253-HK Lg. Leaf Stalk
H-278-HK Willow
I-122 Lg. Hollyhock
I-186-HK Baby's Breath
O-90 Loose Weeds

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