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T-60-HK Stone Arch
T-60-HK Stone Arch
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Question: What kind of paper does Judith stamp on? 

Answer: Judith does most of her stamping on Xerox copy paper (96 bright, 24 pound, found at Sams or Costco). This paper works very well with the Tombow Watercolor Markers. If Judith has a stamped image on this paper she wishes to make into a card she simply glues the Xerox paper to cardstock.

Question:  Do we have a catalog and how do I receive one?
Answer:  Yes, we do have a catalogs, Color Idea Catalog #11 and supplemental Catalog #12.  Catalog #11 is 144 pages in full color and is $10.00.  Catalog #12 is 40 pages in full color and is $5.00.  To order by mail, send request to Stamps by Judith & Heather-11 Cty Rd 11 NW-Pine Island, MN 55963.  Shipping charges for oders up to $20.00 is $5.00.  Be sure to include the current postage with the request. 

Question: What are our shipping rates?
Answer: Domestic rates: 0-$20.00 Add $5.00, $20.01-$50.00 Add $6.00, $50.01-$70.00 Add $7.00, $70.01-$90.00 Add $8.00, $90-01+ Add $9.00

International rates to Canada: $1-$20.00 Add $10.00, $20.01-$50.00 Add $15.00, $50.01-$90.00 + Add $25.00, $90+ Add $35.00

All Other International:  $1-$30 Add $15, $30.01-$80 Add $25.00, $80.01-$120 Add $40, $120.01+ Add $50.00

***Please note***  In some cases, we reserve the right to adjust shipping rates on some international orders.  Based on weight, the expense to ship may be unusually high.  We will not process any additional costs without contacting the customer for prior approval. Rates may be adjusted based on current USPS rates.

Question:  Do we allow our stamps to be used on craft projects for resale?
Answer:  Yes we do, to see a click here to see a copy of our Angel Policy.

Question:  Are Judith's stamps available at any stores?
Answer:  Several stores around the US currently carry Stamps by Judith & Heather.   Check with your local stamp store to see if they carry our line.

Question: Do we sell unmounted stamps?
Answer:  The majority of our images are available only on hardwood maple wood block.   We do, however, now have a limited quantity of stamps for purchase in unmounted.  You will find those images by simply searching for  unmounted on the website.


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