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Sale of the Month

Build Your Own Flower Garden!!

Warm weather is finally here and the flowers are blooming! In honor of all the color springing up, we will have images on sale to create your own garden scene. These images will work great on cards for all of those summer birthdays and events! For the entire month of May 2016, select images of stems and flower tops will be on sale for 25% off the regular price. Throughout the month we will be posting fun cards using the sale stamps (plus a few others).

 Every month we will be listing images that will be 25% off for that month, online only. Limit 2 per each sale design per customer.

Stamps Used: O-122, AAA-291 & AAA-04
Stamps Used: H-254-HK, C-32, AAA-311-HK, AAA-156, AAA-154, AAA-04, & AA-23
Stamps Used: H-254-HK, C-32, AAA-314-HK, AAA-263, AAA-201-HK, AAA-04, & AAA-02
Stamp of the Month
C-32 Grass
AAA-154 Solid Flower
AAA-156 Pine Needles
AAA-02 Carved Leaves
AAA-160 Foliage
AAA-176 3 Solid Leaves
AAA-201-HK Dot Snowflake
AAA-252 Embroidered Flower
AAA-263 Spider Flower
AAA-264 Poinsettia
AAA-291 Scratchy Flower Top
F-281 Line Flower Stem
H-248 Thin/Skinny Stems
H-254-HK Stems & Leaves
F-301-HK Sm. Open Leaf Stem
AAA-301 Fade Out Leaf
AAA-311-HK Dogwood
AAA-314-HK 3 Open Leaves
O-122 Sketchy Poppy

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C-32 Grass $5.25 $3.56
AAA-154 Solid Flower $3.00 $2.25
AAA-156 Pine Needles $3.00 $2.25
AAA-02 Carved Leaves $3.00 $2.25
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