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673 Pink/Purple Tombow Watercolor Marker
673 Pink/Purple Tombow Watercolor Marker
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2016 "16% off" Savings!!!
Special for the month of September is a "16 % off" Sale on everything website wide!
16% off regular prices applied to all orders over $25.00.
Stamps, lacquer, ink pads, markers, catalogs, color sheets!
This is a great time to get all those items on your (or your friends and loved ones) wishlists!

Stamps Used: H-261, D-149, C-32, B-36, AA-69, & AA-08
Stamps Used: M-35-HK, F-132, AAA-128, & AA-69
Stamps Used: I-174-HK & F-284-HK
Stamps Used: H-45, E-215-HK, C-126, AAA-04, & AA-69

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